Caring for your newly seeded lawn.

Beautiful, healthy lawns begin with proper seedbed preparation, a balanced fertilizer and top quality grass seed. As you have seen, we have take great care to implement the proper procedures and components to give you that beautiful lawn you desire. But proper preparation is not enough to ensure success. The most important aspect of establishing a healthy new lawn depends upon you and your commitment to the investment you have just made. Consistent watering is absolutely vital to the success of the seeding we have just completed.

To protect your investment you will need to water your lawn lightly at least twice per day. For grass seed to gem1inate is requires constant moisture. Even the best grass seed will not germinate if moisture is not present. If the seed dries out it will die! The straw mulch we applied will help to keep the moisture in but you must keep the area watered daily for the first 30 days after seeding.

What we recommend.

Water at least twice per day. Watering should be light and even. Uniformity is key. A rotary or impact type sprinkler is best.

Do not allow the sprinkler to run too long in anyone area. This is important to avoid erosion of the soil or washing of the seed from an area.

The best times to water would be in the morning, at lunchtime, and again late in die afternoon. The hotter the temperature the more often you should water.

The objective is to keep the area lightly moist; not so wet that you can’t walk out to your sprinkler.

The results of your efforts should begin to appear in 7 to 10 days. But don’t stop yet! It will take 3 to 4 weeks for all the grass seeds to germinate.

We do not guarantee the results of seeding because we have no control over the weather or how you water. There are many things that can affect seed est3blishment including heavy rain, wind, unseasonable temperatures, too much or too little water… We did our part, now you must do yours. For success we must have good weather and YOU MUST WATER FAITHFULLY!

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