Blown Cellulose insulation vs. Fiberglass Batts insulation

Why do I use Blown Cellulose insulation instead of fiberglass batts?

One of the things we strive for when building homes is to be as energy efficient as possible. I have received more thank yous and compliments from our clients about the savings they are receiving on their Gas/Electric bill. I have heard comparisons like, my old house was half the size of our new one and our NIPSCO bill is less!!

Why does this happen?

There are three main reasons.

  1. We use Blown Cellulose Insulation.
  2. We use 92%plus High Efficiency furnaces.
  3. We use energy efficient  Windows.

Why is Blown Cellulose Vic’s choice?

When the cellulose is blown into the wall cavity it adheres or sticks to everything it touches. Sealing the wall cavity for very little air infiltration. The cellulose gets behind outlet and switch boxes. It sticks to the 2×4 studs and the exterior wall sheathing. “Air infiltration” is the main culprit in stopping a home from being energy efficient. Fiberglas batts are good at stopping air infiltration, but not as good as blown cellulose.

Blown Cellulose may cost 10 to 15% more than fiberglass when installed, but it will pay for its self in savings in one to two years.

Momper Insulation from Merrillville, Indiana is our installer of Blown Cellulose. Ask for Mike Young 219-712-5370

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