“Our Lady of Gaudalupe” Cord Wood Chapel, St. Patricks Parish, Chesterton

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Father Meade in action!
Father Meade in action!


The Chapel is made from 12″ split logs from the large oak trees that fell when the tornado came over top of the church and through our town a few years ago. The logs where then laid in mortar and saw dust. It was a very time consuming process and took a little longer than we all expected.

We used special ordered cedar rough sawn 12 x 12 timbers for the main structure and then 2×8 rough sawn cedar for the rafters so they could be exposed along with the 1×12 rough sawn cedar planked ceiling.


The pews are from the old St. Pats church in town and the alter and pictures were hand made by a few members of the parish.

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