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I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the design of several neighborhoods in our Duneland Community along with being a qualified builder in others. My Father and I, along with Knoefel Jones, created Sand Creek Courts Condominiums in Chesterton when I first began building back in 1990. Then, my Dad and I went on to create Olde Towne, Olde Towne Commons Condominiums, and then Phases 3,4,5 and 6 of Duneland Cove (all also in Chesterton).

During that time, my home building experiences expanded even more where I built homes in the upscale “Whitethorne Woods” community off of Hwy 6 in rural Valparaiso, Manchester Meadows andKeystone Commons in Valparaiso, Tanglewood and Coffee Creek in Chesterton, and a handful of other upscale homes scattered between Chesterton and Valparaiso.

Due to our successes and experiences in Olde Towne, I was asked by Tara Development in 2003 to be the “Featured Builder” for Phase One for their new development, “The Village in Burns Harbor” off of Hwy 20 in Burns Harbor, Indiana. I was able to get started during the conceptual design stage and had the fun of watching our dream become reality as I GC’d and supervised the installation of the roads and utilities for Phase One along with building six spec. homes and four presolds all at once. That was a busy year. Not to mention that my wife was home with our 1 year old boy, Jackson, and she was pregnant with my daughter, Lily. We learned a whole new meaning of what sleep deprivation was!

  • 324 Carmody Drive, Chesterton, Indiana
Sales Price: $39,000

    Available Lots

    We have shovel ready lots in Olde Towne, The Village in Burns Harbor and Duneland Cove Phase 5!

  • MaciasViewfromFront

    Macias’ Burdick Road, Chesterton

    This was a fun house with many challenges. Like the rolling lot that lent itself to have a walk out basement, the 22.5 degree angle on the third bay of the garage and the number of hips and valleys on the roof which became very time consuming to build but very rewarding once completed.

  • VicRoberts (28 of 39)

    “Our Lady of Gaudalupe” Cord Wood Chapel, St. Patricks Parish, Chesterton

    Father Meade wanted to build an Adoration Chapel with a theme that tied it into our local history and have it dedicated to “Our lady of Guadalupe”. He intially had a good idea of what it would look like and how it would be made. I drew it up and with the help of many, the Chapel came to Life. Its open 24/7 for anyone to come pray and sit in Adoration.

  • VicRoberts (37 of 39)

    Mr. Haake’s, The Village in Burns Harbor

    Mr. Haake wanted an open concept ranch style home that had a cottage theme with open concept, curb appeal, value engineering, energy efficiency and little wasted space.

  • VicRoberts (5 of 39)

    Orange’s Custom Home, Coffee Creek

    The Oranges final design originated from a plan that they had found online which needed many changes and upgrades to fit their empty nester lifestyle. After many meetings and emails we came up with a great plan that fit well into the theme of Coffee Creek.

  • Gage's Family Room

    The Gage’s SIP Timber Frame Home

    I was the fortunate winning bidder for this one of a kind home I built in rural Valparaiso. The Timbers were hand made in North Carolina, shipped here, then erected by their skilled craftsmen.The outside walls and roof are made up of Solid Insulated Panels(SIP) which have no studs. They are soild foam sandwiched by two sheets of 1/2″ OSB playwood.

  • Photo

    Sand Creek Courts Condominiums

    Sand Creek Courts Condominiums was our first development and located in the heart of Duneland Cove in Chesterton. It is made up of 4 courtyards with each having four duplexes with either two or three bedroom homes for a total [...]

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    Olde Towne Commons Condominiums

    Olde Towne Commons was created on the North end of our Olde Towne neighborhood so that it would be a visual buffer between the Olde Towne single family homes and the commercial retail property to the North. I designed them [...]