Raise exterior doors 3/4, make room for door mats

When installing your front, garage entry or other swinging exterior doors of your new home, I recommend nailing and gluetips-mat-thumbing a 1×8, cut and ripped to fit, to the floor before installing your new door. Then install the door on top of the cut 1×8. Use sub flooring glue between the 1×8 and the floor and again between the 1×8 and the bottom of the threshold. The width of the 1×8 should not exceed the width of the threshold and the 1×8 should fit directly under the threshold when installed.
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Blown Cellulose insulation vs. Fiberglass Batts insulation

Why do I use Blown Cellulose insulation instead of fiberglass batts?

One of the things we strive for when building homes is to be as energy efficient as possible. I have received more thank yous and compliments from our clients about the savings they are receiving on their Gas/Electric bill. I have heard comparisons like, my old house was half the size of our new one and our NIPSCO bill is less!!
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Install aluminum flashing before pouring concrete porches

One of the biggest mistakes I see when looking at other builders homes is that when the front concrete porches are poured they are poured right up against the siding. Which tells me that they are using the siding as flashing. The purpose of the flashing is to protect the floor joists from getting wet so they don’t rot out over time.
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Caring for your newly seeded lawn.

Beautiful, healthy lawns begin with proper seedbed preparation, a balanced fertilizer and top quality grass seed. As you have seen, we have take great care to implement the proper procedures and components to give you that beautiful lawn you desire. But proper preparation is not enough to ensure success. The most important aspect of establishing a healthy new lawn depends upon you and your commitment to the investment you have just made. Consistent watering is absolutely vital to the success of the seeding we have just completed.
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